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Suppose you're on a game show and you're given a choice of three doors. Behind one door, is a car; behind the others, goats. These are placed randomly behind the doors. The rules of the game show are as follows: After you have chosen a door, the door remains closed for the time being. The game show host who knows what is behind the doors now opens one of the two remaining doors which has a goat behind it. If both remaining doors have goats behind them, he chooses one randomly.He will ask you to decide whether you want to stay with your first choice or switch to the last remaining door. What would you do if you want to maximize your chances of winning the car?
This is a famous conundrum that has puzzled all kinds of people and created a lot of controversies in its days. Just think again....It's not obvious.
A puzzle is a conundrum which challenges the ingenuity of a person without requiring much knowledge or technical skills. The Online Puzzle Championships offer you a variety of puzzles based on logic with varying difficulties which test your ability to ratiocinate. You can sit back at your place, have fun and still win prizes. Do we need say more???

All puzzle freaks check it out!

Problem Set 1:

  1. 1st Prize -
    Johns T Mathai, College of Engineering Trivandrum,
  2. 2nd prize -
    PHONE NUMBER: 9490144977
    ADDRESS: 5-204,FLAT NO: A 7,

Problem Set 2:

  1. 1st prize -
    T Karthick - Roll no. MA05D007,
    Department of Mathematics,
    IIT Madras.
    cell: 9444209852
  2. 2nd prize -
    Sumit Kumar Gupta
    404 ,Ganga hostel
    IIT Madras
    phone- 9962439761

Problem Set 3:

  1. 1st prize -
    Abhigyan Mundhra,
    NIT Kurukshetra,
    Phone No. +91 9896 110721
    E-mail :
  2. 2nd prize -
    Vinayak Sapru,
    758 Pampa,
    IIT Madras.

Prize Money - 1000/- each for 1st prize
700/- each for 2nd prize


  • 2-3 sets of puzzles will be given in a span of 1-2 weeks.
  • Answers have to be submitted online.
  • Those with most number of correct answers and submitted earliest will win the prizes.


  • When will the puzzle sets be uploaded?
    Starts 2-3 weeks before Shaastra08.
  • What kinds of puzzles will it have?
    It will have many varieties of puzzles, mostly logical, requiring little technical knowledge.
  • Do I have to register before?
    No, but only one entry per person will be accepted for each problem set.


Abhishek S

Coordinator, Online Puzzle Championship


Coordinator, Online Puzzle Championship

Sneha Reddy A

Coordinator, Online Puzzle Championship

Vinay Hegde

Coordinator, Online Puzzle Championship

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