Shaastra Cube Open


Total Prize money worth Rs. 37000/- to be won !

Rubik’s cube is the world’s most popular and highest sold puzzle of all time. Invented in 1976 by Hungarian Erno Rubik, this puzzle has led to the emergence of the popular sport of Speedcubing.

Think you can solve the cube faster then anyone else in this country? Here's a chance for you to showcase your skills and to take the Indian cubing scenario by storm.

Shaastra Cube Open is a WCA (World Cube Association) recognized speedcubing competition. Being one of the biggest cubing competitions in India,the competition is intense and records are broken every year.

Not only does it have 'conventional' speedcubing events where contestants from all over India will be displaying their undoubted brilliance, it also has One Handed, Blind Folded and Multi-blind cubing events, which are truly something spectators must experience, to believe.

To the regular cubers, you should be here as you have the opportunity to set a new Indian record.

And to the others, you should just as well be here just to witness some amazing display of talent.
Happy cubing !

On-the-spot registrations are available

Event details:
Venue : Chem Seminar Hall  (MSB 241)
Date: 1st and 2nd October
Time: 9 AM to 6 PM

Registration starts before 9 AM. So participants who wish to register on the spot please be present at the venue at least by 8:30 am. the venue is given on the schedule


1) Pre-registration is not required but participants have to register on the user portal to get Shaastra id No. and they also have to register in the hospitality desk.
2) All the competitors must be fully aware of the WCA rules and regulations.

The following speed-solving events will be conducted in the competition :

1) 2x2x2
2) 3x3x3
3) 4x4x4
4) 5x5x5
5) 6x6x6
6) 7x7x7
7) 3x3x3 OH
8) Square-1
9) Pyraminx
10) Megaminx
11) 3x3x3 BLD,
12) 3x3x3 Multi BLD
13) 3x3x3 Fewest Moves Challenge


All the events will be conducted in compliance with the WCA rules and regulations. The WCA delegate for the competition is Mr. John Louis. Most of the events will have preliminary rounds. Keep checking this page for exact details.



Q. How do I improve my speed?
A. There are many aspects to speed-cubing. An advanced method, good finger tricks and a smooth cube help improving speed. There are many options of methods. Here are a few:
1. Fridrich Method
2. Petrus Method
3. Roux Method
These are just a few of the many ways of solving a Rubik’s Cube. A few online searches will give you more options.

Q. How do I Blind solve a Rubik’s Cube?
A. Again there are many different ways to blind solve a cube. A good understanding of solving a cube with eyes open is recommended before learning blindcubing.
Here are a few good places to start: 
1. Old-Pochmann method
2. T-Permutation method
3. 3-Cycles method
4. M2-R2 method

Q. What about bigger cubes like 4x4x4?

Q. And the small 2x2x2?

Q. Where can I find good quality puzzles?
A. In India, you can find good quality original Rubik’s cubes at Funskool stores. For bigger cubes and other puzzles, there are a lot of online stores like

Q. I am only in school / I am now working. Should I register for the event?
A. Yes. It doesn't matter whether you are an infant or a college student or a grandfather. You are welcome to participate. But you must register yourself if you want to participate. If you are in school, provide your school name. If you are working, provide your company's name, etc.

Q. Should we bring our own puzzles or will puzzles be provided?
A. You will have to bring your own puzzles. Puzzles will not be provided here.