January 4th - 7th, 2014



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Below is a link to a PDF file with your personal details and your Shaastra ID. Please bring a printed copy of this file while coming to Shaastra. Present this print out to the Registration Desk situated at KV Grounds in IIT Madras. Upon verification with your College ID card, you will be handed over your Shaastra Passport. Click to download your participation PDF.
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About Us

Shaastra is the technical festival of Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, Chennai, India
Shaastra returns in its 15th edition, bringing with it an experience of innovation, competition and learning that has become its hallmark over the years.
Mark the four days from January 4th to January 7th, 2014 on your calendars, as Shaastra shall keep you engrossed in a plethora of professional shows, competitions and lectures that have something for everybody. The serene green campus of IIT Madras shall be transformed into a hub of activity and radical thinking as students and engineers from all over the country shall descend in thousands to witness the latest in technology and science. With some of the sharpest minds of the nation converging under one banner, one can expect to go back inspired.
The classic events of Shaastra shall return bigger and better and be joined by an injection of new exciting competitions. Envisage 2.0 will showcase several new acts, each a unique combination of art, entertainment and technology, crafted completely by students. With Airshow, Fire and Ice, Shaastra Junior Quiz, Robowars and several such legendary competitions entertaining the masses and challenging the contestants, one can also head back indoors to hear some of the pioneers of technology across the globe speak their minds on the latest happenings of the world. We shall also celebrate the contributions of Indian researchers across all branches of science by hosting the Research Expo, giving post graduate students a stage to showcase their groundbreaking research and the latest developments straight from the horse's mouth. And to top it off, Lunar Rover Challenge shall give participants a shot at sending their own rover to the moon and writing their names on the panels of history!


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   After the overwhelming applause to Envisage at Shaastra 2013, we take a giant leap ahead, to present to you, a novel technical show defying your imagination, revolutionizing basic science and technology. The students of IIT Madras raised the bars, orchestrated and organized an event replacing the professional shows in Shaastra. Sit back and get ready to experience an adrenalin rush, let your jaws drop in awe as the transcendental fusion of art and technology pleasures your visual senses and stupefies you with audio effects.
   We bet on ourselves to take you through a journey into Neverland, giving a new dimension to entertainment and turning projects undertaken by us into a memory you will long cherish!
   The work of science can be enigmatic deceiving your eyes by showing animations with just a strip of LEDs. You will know which boxes to blame if you are unable to get sleep that night. Instrumentalists will be seen throwing their guitars and drum-sticks in their backyard after witnessing the Wireless Instruments. DJs will seem cliché after you are mesmerized by Virtual Music Mixing. You will be pinching the person next to you just to check if he isn't a hologram. Ever wondered how changing patterns on a screen can amaze you with music. You will witness a new groundbreaking performance after watching our techno cultural show.
   Like a seagull skimming the waves of entertainment over the ocean of imagination, with the technical dexterity of IIT-M students to give wings to our dream, we are set to roar into the blues of success. Join us at Shaastra 2014 to share the awe and experience the Dream Kingdom!


There is no registration required for any of the lectures.


    On behalf of the entire Shaastra team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you cherish each and every moment of your stay at the beautiful campus of IIT Madras.

    Shaastra, the annual technical festival of IIT Madras, is undeniably one of the largest technical festivals of India an exemplar in itself, achieving huge feats with unparalleled figures ever since its inception in 2000. It provides a unique platform for young minds to stretch their imaginations to the limit and exhibit their skills across a multitude of technically challenging, arduous and thought provoking events traversing all fields of engineering. Evolving with massive participation from around the globe, and a world class technological display along with leviathan enjoyment has made Shaastra a technological extravaganza. This is Shaastra, celebrating technological grandeur, the zenith of science, engineering and path breaking technology, alongside an attempt to exhilarate and excite young minds with a paragon opportunity to showcase their talent and evince their ideas which may lay the groundwork for the next cutting edge technology.

    With such vastness and diversity, Hospitality of the guests is of paramount importance. Hospitality is often limited in our thinking to just being friendly to the new-comer. But we, as the Student Relations team shall leave no stone unturned to ensure that your stay with us is enjoyable and comfortable as well. In order to let us assist you in the best possible manner, we would request you to register your college contingent at the Student Relations web portal as early as possible.

    Hope to see you here at Shaastra 2014. We will be more than happy to receive your suggestions and queries.

IIT Madras is located on Sardar Patel Road and is bordered by Adyar, Tharamani and Velachery. The 620 acres of land which form the campus is close to the Rajbhavan. The campus is midway between the Chennai Airport and the Central Railway station. It is around 14 kms from the Central Railway station, Chennai Airport and the central bus depot and is well connected by buses.

  1. From Chennai Central The Shaastra team will be sending Institute buses to receive participants at Chennai Central. The representatives of the Student Relations department will be present to greet you near the exit of the station. Timings of the buses will be communicated to you. If you are unable to come through the Institute buses, other means of transportation are readily available in the city at all times.
    • Local train The MRTS Station called "Park" on the Beach-Velachery line, opposite to Chennai-Central station, is a good option. From there, you can take a train to Kasturba Nagar (Adyar) and walk to the main gate of the campus from the station
    • Local Bus Direct buses to the campus are 19B and 5C
    • Auto/Taxi The booth for the prepaid taxi is just outside platform no. 11. You can book private taxi services like Fast track from the booth. The fare will be roughly around Rs. 200-300 for an auto and Rs. 300-400 for a taxi

  2. From Egmore Station
    • Local train Board a train on the Beach-Velachery line and get down at Kasturba Nagar Station. The main gate of the campus is at a walkable distance from the station
    • Local Bus You can catch the MTC bus no. 23C which heads directly to IITM
    • Auto/Taxi Autos and taxis are available outside the station. The auto and taxi fares from Egmore are approximately Rs.200 and Rs.250-300 respectively.

  3. From Airport To reach the campus from the airport you can hire a Taxi from counters located outside the airport terminal or catch a local train/bus.

  4. From CMBT(Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus)
    • You can catch bus no. 23M or 5E which will drop you off near the Institute main gate
    • You can also hire an auto/taxi for a fare of around Rs.250/300 respectively. From the main gate there are Institute buses to the hostels, once in every 20 minutes
The Hospitality team at Shaastra is dedicated to help you and attend to all your doubts and queries throughout your stay with us. It is also the one stop center to answer all your queries. Registration for few events also takes place at the Hospitality Desk. Please consult the Shaastra website for more information regarding the events that have on-spot registrations. For event registration at the Hospitality Desk, production of the Shaastra ID card is mandatory. You can also call us at the Hospitality Desk on the Hospitality Helpline number. Calls on Helpline number will be entertained only during the timings when the desk is operational.

The Hospitality Desk will be functional from Day 1 to Day 4 between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Accomodation on Campus
    The IITM buses which start at the main gate take you to the Gajendra Circle, academic zone and hostels. Upon reaching the IIT Madras campus, participants are requested to report to the Control Room, which will be operational day and night (except from 6:30 - 8:30 P.M.) All participants are required to carry their SAAR (Shaastra Advanced Accommodation Registration) letter which will be mailed to people whose accommodation is confirmed, college identity cards and bonafide certificates to avail the accommodation facilities. We will not be providing accommodation for local participants and they will have to make their own arrangements. We will be issuing Shaastra ID cards to all the outstation participants which can be collected from venues that will be informed when you arrive. Participants are also expected to follow certain rules and regulations to help us maintain the festive atmosphere in the institute.

  • Alternate Accomodation
    Because of limited space on campus, we might not be able to provide accommodation to all participants who apply for accommodation. In case you don't receive a confirmation mail regarding your accommodation from the Hospitality team, you could always make arrangements for your stay outside campus. We have uploaded a list of hotels and lodges for your reference Here.
  • Accomodation Instructions
    Accomodation Instructions can be found here.
When can I enter the IITM campus ?
The Institute main gate will be open at all times. You may enter and depart from the campus at all times. But please make sure to carry your college ID cards for the purpose of security check at the main gate.

What should I do after coming to the campus ?
Outstation participants who have registered for accommodation are requested to report to the control room where the required formalities involving checking of documents and allotment of rooms will be finished. We shall not be providing accommodation for local participants. All the participants who are accommodated at IITM are supposed to collect their Shaastra ID Cards from the Student Relations team.

What should I bring with me ?
  • It is mandatory for all participants or company representatives to carry college IDs or company IDs, and have a Xerox copy of each one of them.
  • If your accommodation is confirmed, you are required to bring a hard copy of the Shaastra Advanced Accommodation Registration (SAAR) letter which will be mailed to you.
  • Each participant is supposed to carry bonafide certificates issued by their respective colleges.
  • You are required to carry some caution deposit for the mattresses and pillows which will be refunded.
  • Mattresses and pillows shall be provided to you if your accommodation is confirmed. Participants will have to bring their own things which they require for the events in which they are participating in.

How is accommodation provided ?
Accommodation to outstation participants will be provided if they have applied for accommodation on the Shaastra website and their accommodation has been approved by us. The rooms will be allotted on a sharing basis due to space constraints. We have common rooms, and single rooms for accommodation. We will be providing essential commodities like mattresses and pillows. The participants who have not been confirmed for accommodation are requested to arrange for their stay outside the Institute in Hotels or lodges. A list of Hotels and lodges in Chennai has been provided on the website.

Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place ?
We will strive for that but we cannot guarantee it.

What about the charges for accommodation ?
A nominal payment will have to be made by participants for accommodation while registering at control room. Please note that in case some of your team members have not been confirmed for accommodation then the charges for accommodation will be applicable to only those team members who have been provided accommodation.

Can we adjust the remaining team members of our team in the space provided to us ?
No, the members of your team who have not been provided accommodation cannot stay in your allotted rooms. They are requested to stay at nearby hotels or lodges outside the campus.

What about the eating facilities ?
A variety of food stalls shall be set up in the heart of the festive area which will cater to all your food requirements. Apart from that, there are numerous other eating outlets in and around the campus like Cafe Coffee Day, IRCTC Canteen, Supraba Tiffin center, Campus Cafe, Gurunath canteen to name a few whose location would be available in the map.

What about the Hospital facility ?
There is an Institute Hospital located close to Gajendra Circle. In case you fall ill, you are advised to report to us at control room. We shall make appropriate arrangements for you to be treated at the Institute Hospital.

What about the security facilities ?
IITM campus has a vigilant and round-the-clock security service. To ensure the safety of the participants, there will be additional security guards in hostels in order to avoid thefts and other mishaps. However, the Shaastra team will not take responsibility of any theft or other mishaps. Therefore, participants are requested to take care of their belongings.

What about certificates and prize money ?
For competitive events, certificates will be given only to the teams coming first, second and third. For major events all participants qualifying to the final round will be issued certificates.
Participation certificates will not be given. Instead, a general letter of participation will be given to the participants. For more information, visit the certificate policy tab in the Shaastra website. The cash prize amount is event-specific and details can be found out by visiting the events page on the Shaastra website.

One of our team members who had been provided accommodation is unable to come, so can we replace him with our other team member ?
First, kindly get approval for replacement of your old team member from the coordinator of the event in which your team member was supposed to participate. After consulting with the event coordinator we will inform you whether we will be able to accommodate your new team member. The new team member coming should have all the documents that the other member was supposed to have.

Are there ATMs inside the campus ?
There are SBI, ICICI and Canara Bank ATMs and an SBI branch inside the campus.

Is there any internal transport keeping in mind the huge area of the campus ?
Internal transportation is available inside the campus in the form of buses that are available at various bus stops located throughout the campus.

Will there be any kind of transportation facility from airport/railway station to IIT-M campus for participants ?
Yes, we will be receiving participants from Chennai central via Institute buses several times a day. The Hospitality team will be there to greet you. The timings for the buses will be communicated later.

  • We shall provide you with mattresses. However, you are encouraged to carry your own blankets since it might get a little cold at night.

  • At the time of check-out the participants are required to return all the commodities provided to them.

  • Only those participants that have been given accommodation will be allowed to stay.

  • All student participants must carry their valid college photo ID card. Others must bring their valid photo identity for the purpose of entry. People without a valid photo identity card will not be allowed inside the campus during Shaastra 2014.

  • Alcohol, drugs and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any other item if deemed unsafe will be prohibited. The decision of Security and Shaastra team will be final in case of any disputes.

  • Kindly keep an eye on your belongings. The Shaastra team will not be responsible in case of such mishaps.

For Hospitality related queries, please reach out to us at outreach@shaastra.org OR anshul@shaastra.org


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